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About Us

Specialists in all things coffee, Barista Barn was started in 2017, with over 75 years worth of experience in the industry.

We aim to offer the best coffee equipment and accessories for coffee artisans under one roof. Barista Barn is a UK-based coffee specialist offering a huge range of coffee equipment, accessories, gifts, and cleaning gear.


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Barista Barn provides secure online checkouts and next day delivery for coffee equipment. We offer a wide selection of coffee products from leading brands, including some exclusive products.

Our coffee equipment will help you enjoy beautifully brewed coffee for years to come.


Barista Barn has a large selection of coffee equipment and accessories manufactured by leading coffee brands such as AeroPress, Hario and Pezzetti.

Among Barista Barn's coffee range are some exclusive coffee products including Loveramics teapots, Pezzetti moka pots and Hario coffee grinders.