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Coffee is no longer just a beverage; it is now a fundamental part of society, it is an enjoyable experience shared by all. Coffee is so much more than your simplistic water and coffee bean combination, the 'process' of brewing coffee can even be considered an art.

Here at Barista Barn, we understand that to create an enjoyable experience for your customers, it is essential that you have the correct accessories, as presentation is key. We stock all coffee accessories - from coffee mugs, tamping mats, thermometers, creamers, milk frothers, shakers, coffee stencils, to coffee foaming jugs, infusion pots and cafetieres, we’ve got your needs covered.

For the home barista, we even stock barista kits, for a thoughtful and unique gift idea, which is perfect for both professionals and coffee lovers to create the perfect cup of coffee.

A well-presented cup of coffee is crucial, with many social media loving customers out there wishing to share their experience with friends. With looks and taste being defining factors in good customer experience, we know we can help as our accessories offer fantastic usability and aesthetics.

We offer a wide range of stylish accessories that we know will complement your coffee perfectly. Why not take a look at our milk jugs, scales or spoons? We are sure you’ll find something you love.