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Cafetieres are ideal for creating an exotically rich and warm flavoured coffee. A good cafetiere or coffee plunger will effortlessly separate the coffee and water from the grind, leaving you with a perfectly smooth coffee.

Cafetieres or french presses are simplistic and classy, with an exceptional cultural and historical background. So with our vast knowledge and experience in the coffee industry, we have been able to create the ultimate selection of cafetieres. To preserve this more traditional coffee brewing method we have only the finest cafetieres right here waiting just for you.

Here at Barista Barn we fully appreciate your need for a strong, heat resistant and spill proof cafetiere and so we have brought you the very top of the range cafetieres or french press coffee makers that more than satisfy all of those requirements.

Take a sneak peak at our cups and saucers to help you serve up your perfect brew.