Coffee Cups & Saucers

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Coffee Cups & Saucers

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Coffee Cups & Saucers

Serve up your drink with style by selecting the perfect cup and saucer. As a Barista you never underestimate the importance of finding the perfect cup and saucer to serve up your flavoursome brews in.

Not only is it fundamental for you to serve up your dinks in something that looks excellent, but it is also crucial that your cups and saucers are tactile, easy to use and spillage proof.  Our stylish selection has been lovingly hand selected to offer you that perfectly unique and flavour preserving cup and saucer.

Here at Barista Barn we know that when it comes to cups and saucers, choice is good, as it helps you to discover your own personal style. So with a fantastic selection of elegant cups and saucers hat range in shape, size and colour we are very confident that we have exactly what you are searching for.

Alongside our superb range of high quality cups and saucers, we have also carefully selected an outstanding array of Glasswaree and Cafetieres to compliment your cups and saucers.