Coffee Glassware

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Coffee Glassware

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Coffee Glassware

As a Barista we know you put lots of effort into making a drink taste amazing, so why stop there? Why not serve up a flavour perfect coffee in a stylish, elegant and impressive glass?

Here at Barista Barn we have a true passion for coffee, and we believe that every tiny element of coffee making should be ranked with equal importance and presentation should never be overlooked. After all, a coffee is always seen before it is tasted and first impressions are never forgotten.

Whilst coffee glasses are a stylish way of presenting your coffee, they are also technologically very smart, their toughened glass walls keep the heat in helping to preserve that ever-important flavour. Whilst the glass walls keep the heat in, the glass handles stay cool providing a cool handle for the drinker to use.

With our many years of experience in the coffee industry, we know that you always want, need and deserve quality from your glassware. So we have a selection of durable and strong coffee glasses that have been designed and created to meet all of these requirements. To complete your serving materials, why not take a quick look at our cups and saucers or top it all off with a stunning shot glass?