Infusion Pots

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Infusion Pots

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Infusion Pots

Infusion pots are a key part of the coffee making process, so it is only correct that you should have the best infusion pot available. So using our experience and knowledge as Baristas, we have collected a selection of infusion pots that are designed to impress.

Allowing the rich flavours to delicately infuse into your brew, our infusion pots have all been carefully selected by us here at Barista barn to make sure we offer a selection of the finest quality infusion pots that create that delicately rich coffee flavour that all Baristas are searching for.

We know that not only do Baristas look for infusion pots that will create a fantastic flavour but also for an infusion pot that is high quality and will, with the correct care last for a long time. So with bringing you high quality brewing equipment being at the top of our priority list, we have a fabulous selection of infusion pots, glassware and cups & saucers.