Coffee Knock Boxes

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Coffee Knock Boxes

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Coffee Knock Boxes

Coffee knock boxes are important if you want to make sure each cup of coffee you serve is fabulously fresh. Informally referred to as 'bang bang' or 'bash bin', a coffee knock box is a small waste bin to dispose of discarded coffee grounds after use of an espresso machine.

Here at Barista Barn we understand the need for your coffee k nock box to be heat resistant, tough and also sound resistant.

We offer a range of very high quality rubber or stainless steel Knock boxes, which have been designed meticulously to make sure that they conform to all of your requirements whilst looking stylish and promising greater longevity than your standard knock boxes.

Regardless of whether you are looking for a coffee knock box for a large-scale café or whether you need a knock box for a small independent café, we have a range of coffee knock boxes to suit all environments, budgets and styles. We only ever stock the very best quality items as we value our customers and want to bring you high satisfaction with your coffee making equipment. To make sure we are only ever bringing you the excellent quality coffee making utensils we use our knowledge and experience to search for the very best so we can bring them to you here all under one roof.

Not only do we have an impressive range of knock boxes, but we also have a wide selection of fabulously stylish and functional glassware and jugs, so why not take a sneak peak?