Coffee Spoons & Scoops

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Coffee Spoons & Scoops

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Coffee Spoons & Scoops

A good scoop or spoon will correctly measure your ingredients allowing you to accurately make your beverage. As we know that measuring the correct amount of an ingredient is of high importance to any barista, so we have a selection of scoops and spoons that have been specifically crafted to precisely measure and carry ingredients, helping you to maximise the flavours of your drink.

With styles and tastes varying, we have a wide selection of styles and designs to ensure we have something for everyone. Take a look at our range of scoops and spoons and we are certain you’ll find your perfect match.

Here at Barista Barn we have a sound understanding of how what a barista needs, so we have used this knowledge to gather together the best scoops and spoons on the market and bring them together all under one roof here just for you.

If you think our scoops and spoons are impressive, then why not take a quick look at our tools or glassware, as we are sure that you’ll be equally impressed!