Chocolate Shakers

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Chocolate Shakers

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Chocolate Shakers

We know that the importance of finishing touches should never be underestimated. So we’ve taken time to apply and exhaust our extensive knowledge of the industry, to bring you a collection of the very highest quality and impressively tactile coffee shakers including chocolate and cocoa shakers.

We have a range of different coffee shakers with different sieving systems, ranging capacities and designs. Here at Barista barn we understand that as a Barista you will need a reliable shaker, especially if you are to use this with a stencil, so we have selected only tried and tested shakers that have a reputation for good reliability.

Not only do we have a fantastic selection of shakers that have been selected just for you, but we also have an impressive range of shot glasses and other glassware that we think you'd like to take a look at.