Espresso Shot Glasses

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Espresso Shot Glasses

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Espresso Shot Glasses

Our shot glasses ensure that you are serving the perfectly measured espresso shot each time. With a range of highly reliable thick walled shot glasses here at Barista Barn, we are certain we have exactly what you are looking for.

Whether you want a unique and stylish espresso shot glass or whether you just want a strong shot glass that fulfils its purpose, we know that we’ve got your needs covered.  Our team here at Barista Barn have lots of experience and knowledge about coffee so we know exactly what you need from an espresso shot glass and our collection of coffee shot glasses reflect this. We have a selection of both single and multi purpose coffee shot glasses that range in style, whilst all offering a precise measurement and strong thick walls.

To complement your shot glasses we also have an exquisite range of scoops & spoons, milk jugs and all other accessories and tools.