Coffee Tamping Mats

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Coffee Tamping Mats

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Coffee Tamping Mats

Keep your counter surfaces clean and protected with our excellent range of coffee tamping mats. Here at Barista Barn we know that you need and want to keep your expensive counters in tiptop condition, so we have gathered together a collection of the very best coffee tamping mats. These tamping mats will all protect the surface of your counter from scratches and spillages.

We have a lot of experience when it comes to coffee and other hot drinks, and we have learned that high quality, durability and long longevity are just a few values that you expect when buying a tamping mat. So we have gathered together the very best tamping mats on the market to save you the hassle.

Regardless of whether you are a large high street coffee retailer or just a small independent coffee retailer, we have tamping mats for every style, size and budget. 

We additionally have an impressive range of glassware and tampers, so why not indulge yourself and take a quick look?