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Here at Barista Barn we bring you all the leading coffee and beverage machine and utensil manufactures, with products for all businesses regardless of size or budget.

We bring you the industry leading brands all of which offer a diverse and innovative range of coffee making products that are both excellent value for money and superb quality.

Our brand range in style, functionality and price. From the Japanese inspired Kinto range that sells a vast array of stylish products that are used all over the world to the more conservative Chemex range offering quality brewing materials.

We know that everybody wants something a little different, something that will set you apart from other coffee brewers, so we have carefully selected all the leading brands, who together cover all your possible coffee making requirements meaning you will definitely find that special something.

Fine quality and superior craftsmanship are values that each of our available brands offers. Our brands are all innovative leaders in the coffee industry and have been for many years, they have helped leading coffee companies across the world to flourish and produce those high quality beverages that everybody has grown to love.