Coffee Filters

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Coffee Filters

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Coffee Filters

The essential ingredient to successful coffee brewing. Though only small and seemingly unimportant filters are crucial for creating that perfectly perfect cup of coffee. Coffee filters allow for a clean, smooth and fresh coffee, without grains floating in your drink.

With a wide selection of coffee filters to suit all possible brews, we are certain that you will find the correct filter to suit your requirements. Choose from our reusable, ceramic or paper coffee filters. We have used our knowledge and experience as Baristas to bring to you the best filters that will bring you that amazing coffee flavour that you’re looking for.

The type of coffee filter you choose will make a huge difference in the taste of your coffee and plays such an important role in the brewing process, allowing all the flavour to filter through whilst leaving behind and suds or grind. During the filtering process, an oily substance called 'diterpenes' are extracted from the coffee that you drink. Diterpenes are proven to raise cholesterol levels by blocking receptors in the intestines, so extracting this oily substance from the coffee you drink is very beneficial for your health, by keeping your cholesterol levels at a healthy balance.

It's also important that you find the coffee filter that works best for you, that is why we have carefully selected a range of high quality and efficient filters, just for you. If our range of filters impresses you, why not have a quick look at our other brewing materials such as our drippers and tea brewing