Coffee Grinders

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Coffee Grinders

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Coffee Grinders

Preserving the flavour of your coffee is essential and grinding your own coffee beans is a perfect way to do this.

In order to produce a perfectly ground coffee a good quality grinder is essential, as a poor quality manual and hand grinder will result in an uneven grind with poor taste. It's not just about picking and choosing any grinder, you'll want to find one that suits you best.

Some of our coffee grinders will grind the beans without heating them up, to maintain the fresh taste of coffee. We also stock grinders with easily adjustable blades to change the grind size of the coffee beans, allowing you to choose from a fine or coarse grind, for every coffee brewing method you will need. A lot of our coffee grinders have an easy-to-read measurement scale on the external of the grinder to make it easier to pre-measure your coffee beans and for a quicker grinding process.

But don’t worry as we only stock the very best quality grinders that produce a brilliant tasting coffee. Choose from our hand coffee grinders, which are great for the avid barista or general coffee lovers.

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