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Moka Pots

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Moka Pots

Give your coffee that Italian touch with our fantastic range of quality Moka pots. Moka pots have revolutionised the way coffee is made, they have become an essential instrument in brewing the perfect cup of coffee. A stovetop coffee or espresso maker creates a cup of coffee rich with flavour and bursts of Italian flavourings. It heats the coffee with steam pressure to produce espresso-style drinks.

Moka pots are not only essential because of functionality and ability to create a rich and strong coffee, they are also becoming ever more popular for their stylish look. So knowing this, we offer a range of moka pots and stovetop coffee makers that not only produce an impressive and memorable cup of coffee, but also that boast a sleek and stylish look.

Regardless of whether you are just a small independent coffee brewer or whether you are part of a large chain or coffee brewers, we are certain we have exactly what you need right here.

A great moka pot will not only revolutionise the way that you make coffee, but it will also revolutionise the way you taste coffee. This traditional Italian way of brewing coffee uses heat to slowly brew the coffee extracting the flavour from the coffee beans slowly so as not to burn them. It is an excellent method of brewing the perfect cuppa for any coffee lover. Not only does is create great tasting coffee, but it also doesn't break the bank either.

Remember to truly enjoy a great coffee, you also need a good cup and saucer for your cuppa.