Cloths And Towels

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Cloths And Towels

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Cloths And Towels

To clean your coffee machines and equipment properly you will need both an excellent cleaning cloth and towel.

As fellow coffee fanatics we have brought to you a selection of industry renowned micro fibre and antibacterial cleaning cloths and towels that are a great aid when cleaning your coffee machine and its surrounds.

Every Barista will value the need for cleanliness. There are many benefits to maintaining a clean machine and environment including better tasting coffee, increased customer comfort and increased machine longevity. In addition we all know that keeping your machine and its surround clean will also help make your job much more easy and far less chaotic.

Whether you are looking for a Barista Towel, Sanitising cloths or microfiber cloths we have a selection of fine quality towels and cloths to suit all needs and budgets. 

To have your coffee machine shining like new, we have a range of coffee machine cleaners or to clean your milk frothing pitchers we also have a selection of milk frother cleaners.